Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Gumtree Proxy

If you have been blocked from the Gumtree Classified Ads community, then how can you access the gumtree community again from the same IP address or using the same account if IP address has been blocked? Well, it is possible only by using proxy sites. This is the simplest way to continue using of gumtree from the same IP address. Gumtree is used by many marketers as a place for classified ads but if unfortunately you have been blocked from this community, then you must use proxy servers to unblock from gumtree. In many cases, gumtree blocks the IP addresses of the users rather than blocking the users and therefore if you change the IP address by using proxy websites, then you can use the gumtree from the same IP address. The proxy server changes the IP address of the users and therefore gumtree takes the users as new user from different IP address. Now if you are looking for such new proxy which is completely new proxy server which gumtree cannot detect, then there is a fresh proxy list which is just released.

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